Some course work

  • In March, 2006, I gave an introductory talk on well and better quasi orders together with Rachel Sterken.
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  • In June 2005 I investigated in joint work with Laura Rimell methods to relate time intervals in natural language text of English language using the XML-based markup language TimeML.
  • In May 2005 I compared in joint work with Laura Rimell and Höskuldur Hlynnson the XPath query engines Galax and Saxon for their runtime behaviour on equivalent queries.
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  • In my Bachelor Thesis - the defense was in February, 2005 - I introduced modal fixed point operators in the coalgebraic class specification language CCSL. My work was supervised by Hendrik Tews.
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  • In January 2005 I gave a talk on the state-explosion problem in model checking in (A)CTL(*).
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Master Thesis

In my thesis I recollect the proof of Rabin's Theorem on the decidability of Monadic second-order logic of infinite binary tree structures improved in various aspects. The underlying constructions are adapted from coalgebraic automata theory recently introduced by my supervisors Yde Venema and Clemens Kupke. Apart from the closure under complementation, the proof indeed generalises to arbitrary coalgebra automata. The defense was on 29 August 2007. If you have missed it, a revised version and the slides are available.

PhD Dissertation

The title of my dissertation is Finitary Logics for Coalgebras with Branching. My supervisor is Dr Alexander Kurz, my thesis adviser is Prof Dr Reiko Heckel. I have successfully defended my dissertation on 06th February 2012.